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Mexican Giants!
Read about the awesome crystal cave of giants found in Mexico.
Cave of Giants.

Universal life tools

For Crystal Light Healing™ and Essence of Angels® workshops and Practitioner courses

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Bringing you unique, discerningly selected, healing Crystals & Minerals, promptly delivered to your door!

At That Crystal Site, as much care goes into selecting our tumbled stones as it does for each of our specially chosen crystals and minerals, you see throughout our online store.

Welcome to our retail online crystal shop.


We delight in bringing you unusual, aesthetic and vibrant healing energies, that you would be proud to have in your collection and be ecstatic to have working with you.

We know you are looking for something special, different and with powerful healing energy that you wont necessarily find in a shop. You can rest assured that you are getting quality, healing crystals, minerals, stones and crystal jewellery / jewelry with vibrant energies you can feel.

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Crystals for Cancer
Article: Crystals for Cancer

We're about quality, not quantity

We don't buy in bulk just to carry stock. We search through 100's of pieces, so that you have the best crystals for healing work or to add to your coveted collection.

We do our best to provide you with accurate representations of each crystal stating its size, weight, location (if available) along with photos, properties of crystals, a physical and metaphysical description, so you know exactly what crystals to buy and what you are getting.

Lots of useful information and guidance

While you are visiting our site, you will find there is a wealth of ever-expanding Metaphysical Properties and crystal meanings list with pictures. Many have contacted us to say it’s the best guide on the internet! Please do enjoy our Guide to Crystals, where you will find quality information on Cleansing Crystals and Recharging Crystals, a Crystal Properties section and an extensive Healing Crystals List for specific conditions. We add new information on healing with Crystals to assist you with your journey.

We have made the site easy to navigate, with clear photos of each of the crystals for sale so you can buy with confidence. And our love of natures creations is a life long passion - we wouldn't be doing anything else!  If there is something that you are specifically after and cannot find it on our comprehensive site, please feel free to contact us directly as it is our pleasure to assist you in finding the perfect crystal for you. We add new information on healing with Crystals to assist you with your journey.

Buy Minerals Online

We have been helping people buy healing crystals online for over 10 years. We have been buying minerals and crystals for over 30 years and we buy crystals online too. We know what is available; the newest crystals, trademarked crystals and fake crystals.

Buy Healing Crystals Online

We are healers too and know to look for aesthetically and energetically. Buying Crystals and Minerals online can be daunting with much misinformation so we offer a 100% guarantee on all our crystal friends, if you are not happy - for whatever reason, let us now and we will refund your money. Its too easy.


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