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5 Free Ways To Cleanse Crystals

So, you have your crystals in your hot little hands and you want to make sure they are all clean and powered up.




There are 5 easy ways to get them all energetically BEAMING~


  1. Probably the easiest is to put them out in the sun. The Sun is the life giver in our universe… we revolve around it and it feed light into our crystals making them vibrate and wake up. Use caution – see below


cleanse your crystals with sunlight


  1. Full Moon baths are more gentle and we can leave them out all night to absorb it light… full moon is only once each month, unless we are lucky and get a blue moon… so there is a waiting time for this type of crystal cleanse.


Full Moon To Cleanse Crystals

  1. Thunderstorms gives your crystal cleanse a boost with a super cool combination of electricity and water. Dynamic weather conditions are turbo charged and make your crystals extra zingy. Use caution – see below

 recharge crystals in dynamic weather

  1. Running them under running water. Some people are lucky enough to live by a river or creek. Fresh water is filled with good energy and it spirals over rocks which makes it fractal.


wash your crystals in running water

  1. White Light is a great way to cleanse and put your intention into your crystals at the same time. It involves you using your intention / your ‘minds power’ with your desire / ‘hearts energy’. Imagining or seeing pure, white light flowing into the crystal and asking that it be cleansed and activated to its highest potential. That is it. All ready to be used.


how to cleanse your crystals

  1. Some folks like to bury their crystals in the ground, this gives them a more neutral, balanced energy. Use caution here – see below.



A few cautions on offer here: after life experience J


Sun cautions: Be aware that the sun is REALLY hot, especially in summer and if you leave crystals out all day for days on end, they can fade and some will crack. I will do early morning sun baths and have them back in before 10am to avoid this.


Thunderstorm cautions: Please be careful when you are outside – don’t go out if lightning is about – you don’t want to get hit. While there is almost no chance of getting hit, if you are the tallest thing around and lightning is flashing around you – its dangerous. Crystal cleansing can wait till the storm is not directly overhead.


Running water cautions: If you live in the city, probably a good chance there are no creeks or waterfalls about, you can use tap water on most crystals with a MOHs hardness of 7 or over.


If you know there is a lot of chlorine in your tap water anything with a hardness below 7 can start to have their surface changed by the chemicals. So if you have a water filter or bottled water handy (not free, I know) that is a safer option. Then you can rinse all of them.


With all water cleanses… just make sure to dry them once you are done, some crystals dissolve in water.


Burying cautions: If you feel inclined to put crystals in the ground you need to mark them well. Its not usually an overnight practice as the earth is not light in terms of frequency… its more dense so energy moves slower.


Bearing this in mind, the earth likes crystals and can swallow them! I have seen them move inches below where they were buried and some outright disappear.


For those you do get out, dirt can fill cavities, nooks and crannies in clusters and never comes out. If you love them ‘cause they are pristine and clean – dirt is NOT the way to go.


Dirt caution: Dirt – that is *I put a crystal in my pot plant* kind of dirt. It stains. Crystals absorb their environment, if you need proof put them in a pot plant, come back in a year and the side touching the dirt will stay brown. I used to put crystals in as plants love them, and only realised after going to change them over that they were permanently stained.


And I know some of y’all will be asking about the beach – using salt water… and I will say WARNING~


Do NOT use the ocean to cleanse your crystals. The ocean is powerful. Taking your crystals in a bucket and letting the ocean wash over them is a disaster waiting to happen.


I can not tell you how many people I know who have lost their crystals to the ocean. ‘Heart broken’ they were when they told me… if you loved them – it can haunt you for years. It’s a huge loss and you will go through a grieving process.


So for the love of all things crystalline… no ocean cleanses…

And for another reason too…


If you would like to read about ways to cleanse crystals that are not free, ie you have to spend some cash (depending on what appeals to you) in order to keep them sparkling like sage, rice, selenite, amethyst clusters and the thing you should NEVER use EVER to cleanse crystals.

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