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Firstly, from all of us at ‘That Crystal Site’ we would like to say G’day and welcome you to our ‘new’ site.

While a hacking took us out of action and into a chain of events that of course, in time, give you the power to rise from the ashes – like that good ol’ phoenix.

So here we are again, doing what we love and making sure you feel that love through the interwebs.

Our goal has always been to offer unique, quality, crystals and mineral specimens with SOUL – and to have fun finding them in the process.

A Beautiful Crystal Inspires

Crystals appeal to people for many reasons. For some, their reasons are beyond explanation – metaphysical perhaps, for others it is all about beauty, perfection, diversity and finding that special piece, for others it is a love affair with a particular mineral or crystal.

For us it is all of the above. Some pieces were chosen for their amazing beauty, others for their rarity or newness. Some choose us – we don’t know why we like them, but we have to have them and we are glad we did once we truly connect.

Quality Crystals And Minerals For Sale

All the pieces you will find within ‘That Crystal Site’ have been selected for having that ‘special’ something that made us go “OOOooo” on seeing it. It may be as simple as form, colour, lustre or size. It may be its overall beauty. Whatever the reason we selected each specimen – that reason will be listed in its description. We Only bring home with us these magical crystals that awaken something in us… it is those crystals who will go out into the world via this site and get to the people they are meant to connect with. I have learnt to listen to that guidance and often get names of the person who will buy the crystal – many times before they even know the crystal is there. Pretty cool.

We trust you will find something here that delights you and keeps you coming back here to visit, admire or take home with you. Indeed, we hope you find many! They are such a joy. We would love for you to take home some of the specimens that we have enjoyed selecting for you.

Our Crystal Website

Is made of love. We love Crystals, we love shopping for crystals, we love photographing crystals, getting messages for them and then writing them up to put on the site… and secretly basking in their energy ALL day! Well, its no secret really. While our old site has gone – been mourned and let go of – like that phoenix rising from the ashes – our new site is emerging page by page… only now its jiggy with the 21st century’s technology.

Drop us a line

If you would like to leave any comments for us with regard to our site – feel free to use the ‘Contact Us’ section and fill out the form and we will get back to you, usually within a couple of hours and no later than 24hrs. (Please note we are in Australia and that time differences may make quick replies difficult).

We hope to see you here often!

Much Love


CEO (Crystal Empowerment Official)

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Let me introduce you to Fibonacci. He is our Good Juju Tester. He goes about the place seeking out the stones he likes and then find a way to be with them – no matter the physical discomfort of sharp points and general hardness.

If a delivery arrives, he is there scoping it out. Often times before we unwrap anything, merely opened the box – he is in it and is not happy about being removed.

If mineral dealers come to visit with a van full of crystals and minerals, Fibonacci goes straight into the van and looks for the good juju. No shame.

He is kind of famous round these parts.

Truth is he is probably looking for some sweet dreams, cause he sleeps a whole lot. Crystal dreamin’ kitty.

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