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Metaphysical Properties, Crystal Meanings And Stones Healing Powers

Amethyst Crystal Metaphysical Healing Meaning

Amethyst Meaning


Most of us know Amethyst because of its gorgeous purple colouring, worn in the past by Royalty and Priests. Its colour varies from pink hued, to green, black, red and there are even white Amethysts.

amethyst geode sphere Amethyst is actually regular quartz, so clear to begin with, but with iron or other metal impurities that are irradiated by the earth resulting in its transformation into Amethyst.

As a Quartz, it has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale and a chemical composition of Si02 – or Silicon Dioxide. Its purple colouring is due to the presence of iron oxide.

The purple variety can vary from the palest of mauve through to the deepest of purples. Depending on the viewing angle, its colour can appear more blueish and reddish. you can see the difference just in these 2 photos – both of Brazilian Amethyst.

Amethyst is traditionally the birthstone of February and usually a stone that Pisceans gravitate towards or for anyone who has psychic tendencies.

For those who are new to crystals, if you choose an Amethyst or are given one as your first crystal, it is a sign you are ready to awaken to your spiritual self or side. Amethyst works to open to crown to new awareness and higher frequencies. This can be experienced while meditating or while sleeping through more lucid or vivid dreams that are geared towards your journey.

Amethyst is also a crystal that helps calm and instill a sense of ‘everything is working out as it should’ and even though you might be surrounded be chaos, there is a small space or buffer that keeps you free of it.

Amethyst cluster


Amethyst Metaphysical Properties And Healing Meaning:

Amethyst has been known for eons as the stone of spirituality and the stone to assist in alcohol recovery. It will assist in overcoming any addiction! It calms and soothes your emotions as well as preparing your soul for intense transformational journeys. Amethyst is also a stone of prosperity based on it’s deep and glorious color – Royal Purple!

Amethyst creates a protective energy field around its wearer, assists in transmuting negative energies within the wearer and gives protection from external negative energies. It’s excellent for meditation and assists in the growth to your higher potential. Amethyst gives spiritual cleansing and expansion, relieves insomnia, and brings peace and calm.

Chakras: Causal, Crown, Frontal, Soul Star, Stellar Gateway, Third Eye
Astrological sign: Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Ophiuchus

Amethyst Healing Meaning, Amethyst Stone, healing Crystals

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    excellent viewing. Can you help to direct me to a polisher as I have several stones that are in the raw state & need polishing. Regards, Brian F. Qld.

    1. Bec Author Reply

      Hey Brian, thanks for stopping by… I only know of one guy who polishes here. But he also fossicks and is hardly ever around. Whereabouts are you?

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