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Crystals for fertility

I can let you know from personal experience, after being told many years ago by a doctor I would never have children, that just by wearing a few crystals, children come through you into the world.  I know this as I have 3 of them!  I have seen many people fall pregnant after working with the crystals I worked with.

Crystals which are highly recommended are Moonstone for all stages from preconception through to lactation. I think the world over agrees that this is the no1 crystal for baby making.  Moonstone is a beautiful, nurturing stone that embraces the Divine feminine, so it is perfect to use for such a profoundly feminine journey.

Shiva Linghams are egg-shaped stones which are mostly bi-coloured, with a different colour on either end, representing both aspects of masculine and feminine.  In India they are fertility symbols and the phallic symbol of the Hindu god Shiva.  I give most of credit for baby making to these stones.

Garnet stimulates your base chakra and commits your energy to an outcome – in this case a healthy baby!

Moldavite is another potent energy supply that can sometimes be too strong for people. (Recommended for those who are already working with crystals).

I used mostly the Linghams, Garnet and Moldavite.  Garnet and Moldavite I like anyway and would have around all the time.  Linghams, I got a huge amount of them to sell and viola – baby no1!

Melody also suggests other common stones which are easy to find such as Tektite, Cinnabar (Cinnabar is toxic as it is Mercury based and in powdered form it becomes arsenic. If you use it, keep it on the bed side table or under your pillow), Chrysoprase, Brookite and Gypsum (Fragile! Another one for the bed side table) can also be used, though you can just keep them around – you’ll need to actually work with them consciously.

The stones of choice need to be in your physical presence, within your auric field, for at least 90 days.  Place them in your pocket or bra, and then transfer them at night under your pillow (inside the pillow case means they won’t get lost to the floor as you move at night) and then back into your pocket the next day.

Every full moon they need to go out overnight for cleansing and recharging.  If you forget, an hour sun bath in the morning before 10am will do a similar thing.

90 days usually sees positive results for most people without physical problems, otherwise it just takes a little longer.  Most people are just trying way too hard and it becomes an obsession.

Making the baby is the fun part : )  Mrs Copperbottom, Robots

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