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Crystals for pregnancy; Crystals and pregnancy

The gift of pregnancy is a time of heightened senses, deep connection to your own body and heightened intuition. It can be a time of elation and a time of sensitivity and clarity. Being present to our bodies in a whole new way as we embark on a journey of creating new life, fears can arise that come from nowhere, emotions run high and often for no justified reason, our bodies stretch and change dramatically and hormones blaze through them turning our once sharp memories to jelly. A time of transformation, magic and metamorphosis when 1 becomes 2.

The crystals I have listed here are to assist with the journey from conception through birth. They are stones that I have used, but no that you are your own best guide and that this is a time or you being very in touch with your bodies needs and your choice will always be right over any you read.

The all time classic crystal to cover all bases is Moonstone. If you can only get one stone: Moonstone is it. Moonstone is the Divine Feminine stone, it works with the moon, the cycles and covers the shifting energies from fertility, preparing the womb for conception, to ease in pregnancy and childbirth, Moonstone also assists with fluid retention which by the end of pregnancy can become and issue. It can also help with balancing our hormones, our emotions and feelings of vulnerability that can arise.

Rose Quartz is the unconditional love hug of the universe. Wrapping yourself and baby in its warm, soothing energy provides emotional balance, security and peace. It allows us to truly embrace the magic, connecting deeply with ourselves, baby and the entire universe.

Unakite is a good stone for healthy pregnancies and to facilitate health of the unborn child.

For those who need to keep some semblance of mental stature and memory stones like Pyrite, Fluorite (yellow), Howlite, Rhodonite and Black Tourmaline work well.

When you get to about 7 months sleep goes out the window and some people find insomia all too much. Crystals like Amethyst, Moonstone, Nephrite Jade and Howlite can help.

Some have terrible leg cramps and spasms so you can try Amazonite, Azurite Basalt, Chrysocolla, Diopside and Hematite to relieve them.

Making a baby take enormous amounts of energy and nutrients to create a new body and baby comes first and will take all of yours. Eating a diet rich in nutrients, taking supplements and doing everything to provide a comfortable ground for baby to grow can still leave mum to be tired. Using Fluorite and turquoise to help absorb nutrients so your physical has what it needs is vital.

Fatigue is usually a sign we need to stop, not keep going and luckily the world mostly understands that you need to sit down! So take advantage less stress for you is less stress for baby. Peridot is a lovely auric cleanser and revitalising energy without causing too much sensation through your being. Jaspers will also nurture and support you.

Lepidolite is the stone of transition which is exactly what pregnancy is constant change through the pregnancy, then childbirth, and back again. Lepidolite is a stone of calm, trust, and acceptance, which brings emotional stability (a god send for husbands, as is Dioptase). Boulder opal brings emotional security, Mangano Calcite brings feelings of safety, Kunzite for well being, balancing hormones, aligning chakras, powerful feelings of peace… so important when making babies, plus it dispels negativity.

Malachite is also a very protective stone, and brings security to mums during pregnancy and childbirth. Stichtite is one for increasing the expansion and elasticity of the skin, including for faster expansion like water retention. Through this big phase of rapid transformation try Azurite, Charoite, Unakite, Amber, and Ametrine. For extra stretchy ligaments try Green Calcite and Green Aventurine.

Other stones for emotional balance (It’s a funny thing, but first babies especially for me, messed with my emotional balance – big time) are Aragonite, Barite, Calcite, Chalcedony, Crocoite, Rhodochrosite and Turquoise.

Melody suggests: (these are not common minerals)

Sagenite pregnancy very protective stone and is good for use during pregnancy to stimulate the optimum levels of well being with in the unborn child while affording protection to the body of the mother.

Botryogen has been used during pregnancy to ease the expansion of the skin and to facilitate ease in the birthing process.

Dyscrasite can help during pregnancy to provide health and warmth to the unborn

Microcline beneficial during birthing process and has assisted in relieving stress during pregnancy

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