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Cleansing healing crystals: How to cleanse your crystals

I was just admiring one of my crystals and noted it looked a little weary.  Just like us, our crystals absorb, bump up against and mix it up with so many other energies that sometimes they need some loving!  Time to re-centre, re-group and release all that has been taken on that is weighing them down.

It was then I realised that I dont always get a chance to recharge my beauties every full moon (which they love, by the way) as I just have too many to take out.  My realisation came when I put my beauty in the morning sun and it began to shine and sparkle and get its vibrant energy back. (Please remember crystals are like us… 15mins in the sun revitalises, while all day can see us prune like… please be Sun aware)

We recharge and cleanse crystals to give them renewed energy and there are many quick, simple and free ways to do this:

Firstly the free ways!

  • Placing your crystals in morning sunlight for an hour or so, will charge most crystals. After a sun bath on your windowsill, your crystals will be noticeably brighter. It can get very hot in the day and some crystals will fade, darken or crack under too much heat, so remember morning sun only. You can also place your crystals on the earth for an additional charge while recharging them under the Sun, Moon or Stars.
  • Placing your crystals out under moonlight is a gentle and penetrating method for recharging your crystals. The full moons’ light is the brightest in its cycle, thus giving a greater charge to your crystals.
  • Placing them out in any dynamic weather conditions such as a thunderstorm provides an awesome electromagnetic charge to your crystals.

  • The power of intent or creative visualisation – seeing white light acting as a cleansing or rechargingagent such as a waterfall or column of light and all energies that are not of the crystal are being released.  As you do this the crystal is being charged up under the white light.  You will get a sense of when the crystal is recharged.
  • Placing your crystals under running water.


And these ways require tools:

  • Placing your crystals on an Amethyst cluster is great for recharging jewellery and smaller crystals. You can also place your crystals on a Clear Quartz cluster that you have programmed to recharge any crystals you put on it.

  • Smudging with Grandfather Sage sees the smoky pull the negativity into it and transmute it… you can smudge yourself too!

  • Spraying a vibrational essence like Essence of Angels ‘Clear and Protect’ instantly lifts the energy in a room, crystal or yourself and clients.

  • Placing your crystals on a Bed of rice sees the rice absorb and transmute negative energy and constantly cleanse your crystals. This is a great technique for those whose crystals are out in public being touched by many.

  • Placing your crystals on a Selenite beam brings them back to their sparkling selves in no time.  Selenite cleanses and zoops up your Crystals.  You’ll get a sense of when it’s ready. Now, I have seen Selenite sacrifice its glorious, luminous nature to take the darker energies from other crystals it is cleansing, never to be the same.  So please use a piece that won’t break your heart if it changes.  I use a big log or a sheet of Selenite. Depending on the size and shape of the crystals I need to charge.

  • Crystal singing bowls are another great way to shake out all the lower frequencies and see your Crystals buzzing happily after a song or two.  The bowls can be expensive to buy depending on their sizes and some people can’t stand the moving tones… they get on peoples nerves… but the crystals do not mind at all!

  • Placing crystals in a Pyramid. Though I am not an expert on pyramids, I do know that the very presence of a pyramid creates a downward spiral of energy that flows from its tip into its centre filling it with energy. In fact, the word “Pyramid” in Greek is made of two words Pyr  = fire or heat or energy, and Amid = middle or center or nucleus.  There are lots of special copper pyramids that are of supreme quality and calculated with Sacred Geometric measurements thus providing stellar energetic focusing and harnessing of energy.

  • Placing crystals on Tesla Purple Plates. Tesla plates are the oldest Tachyon products whose energies work for an unlimited time recharging themselves continuously using ‘free energy’.

  • Placing your Crystals in a grid. Now this can be a grid you create yourself with other crystals, it can be on a sacred geometry pattern such as the Sri Yantra which is known to attract energy to it or a Metatrons’ cube / Star of David / Flower of Life / Tree of Life image.  You can download and print images and then place your crystals on top of them.

When your crystals start to change their appearance, meaning they start to look dull or cloudy or perhaps they just feel less vibrant, then it’s time to choose any of these techniques that you feel comfortable with and watch your crystals come to life!

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