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What is Jasper?

I dont know if you have noticed, but the world is full of Jaspers...

So many in fact, that each has a name normally given around its appearance. Often times though Ill get one (ok I am lying, more than one) that is sold to me as 'Jasper'. Why? because it is a Jasper, only they are unaware of its 'commercial' name.  Many new Jaspers are un-surfaced and who names them I have no idea... some names are a perfect fit and others leave a lot to be desired.

So for fun and education, I would like to share a Jasper identification chart. I am sure you will understand that these are a guide and that many people name the same Jasper stone a different name, and that many Jaspers do, in fact, look quite similar. Even still Jaspers from the same slab appear quite differently, however this is a good start to help you identify some of the many types of Jaspers in the market.

So what exactly is Jasper?

Jasper means "spotted or speckled stone".

Jasper is made of mostly silica (so its a chalcedony or type of quartz) with a fine sedimentary consistency like clay, that is mostly opaque and comes in many colours which transpire depending on the minerals present in the sediment or ash that is contained within the silica as it forms. It is thought that Jasper is created by hydro thermal movement as it is forming or hot water swooshing around that gives many types of jasper the appearance of layers or movement.

Here are some pictures of various types of Jaspers. As you can see their colours and patterns are both unique and varied as are their names. It is easy to see where some get their names, other names are given by those who found them or locations they come from. Many are artistic license.

Many names or types of Jasper include Picture Jasper, Red Jasper, Kambaba Jasper, Landscape Jasper, Biggs Jasper, Frog Skin Jasper, Zebra Jasper, Mookite Jasper, Brecciated Mookiate Jasper, Brecciated Jasper, Picasso Jasper, Artistic Jasper, Exotica Jasper, Succor Jasper, Wilow Creek jasper, Dalmation Jasper, Cobra Jasper, Ghost's Eye jasper, Dallasite Jasper, Dendritic Jasper, Stone Canyon Jasper, Plume Jasper, Bamboo Jasper, Lizard Skin Jasper, Polychrome Jasper, Desert Jasper, Ocean Jasper, Orbical Jasper, Poppy Jasper, Montana Bark Jasper, Snake Skin Jasper, Owyhee Jasper, Fancy jasper, Spiderman jasper, Starburst Jasper, Leopard Skin Jasper, Rainforest Jasper or Rhyolite, Morgan Hill Poppy Jasper, Burro Jasper.

Jaspers meaning or metaphysical properties

Jasper is a gentle but pervasive energy whose appearance is wide and varied as the locations it comes from... each piece is to me, in fact a picture... Unlike most other stones, Jasper is artistic, diverse in form and colour...

Each piece is unique and magical in its own way and reminds us that we all see life differently, and that sharing our views with others to help them expand is what we came here to do. Acceptance and nurturing come with this stone too... We are each as individual as each piece of Jasper yet we are of the same substance. Jasper makes its effects known slowly and gradually, just like nature and so just as its physical nature is sedimentary and of the earth, so it is a an excellent grounding stone.

Jasper allows us to feel at home, safe and protected while here in the physical, knowing we are all one and made of the same stuff. Jasper is the stone of selflessness; it is the mother of all stones bringing about Love of all mankind as we learn that the power of sharing and caring for each other. It brings balance, stability and relieves negativity so you can move towards your desired outcome in a focused manner, without being scattered.

It is an emotionally calming stone, and is an excellent stone for either those who are hypersensitive to crystalline energy and find it difficult to work with, or for those who like change to be a gradual, unfolding process.

All Japser can be used as a protection stone. Each jasper has its own unique energies in addition to jaspers general properties.

  • Red Jasper assists in transmuting emotional, mental and physical pain, especially menstrual pain.
  • Black Jasper is highly protective and brings good luck.
  • Cobra Jasper brings mental clarity and peace to emotional people.
  • Brecciated Jasper brings wholeness, happiness, a positive outlook and eases stress.
  • Dalmation Jasper makes you aware of the illusory story of our lives that we are spinning and to see both sides of it and make better choices.
  • Exotica Jasper is cleansing and works to realign all aspects of your being.
  • Fancy Jasper nurtures bringing comfort and peace to your situations
  • Kambaba Jasper is soothing and allows the bodies energy to flow.
  • Leopard Skin Jasper speaks through the power of Totem animals, to work together for the greater good and success of all. Good for business.
  • Mookite / Mookaite Jasper for Self Esteem, Dreams, Meditation, Fear, Depression, Communication, Calm, working with Children, Balance, Protection, Openness.
  • Ocean Jasper stabilises the emotions and allows us to feel safe through changes, instilling patience.
  • Picture Jasper brings harmony, greater vision appreciation and connection with the bigger picture.
  • Poppy Jasper is cleansing and energising and can be used to organise and redirect scattered energies.
  • Rainforest Jasper / Rain Forest Jasper/ Rhyolite for energy, strength, awareness and resolution
  • Lizard Stone Jasper / Lizard Skin Jasper is great for support in times of change.

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