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Brandberg Quartz Crystals

Brandberg Quartz Crystals: Liquid Light

If I have to pick my favourite quartz, it would be Brandberg Quartz!  There are magic in a crystal!  It has always been a dream of mine to go to Namibia (and this goes back before I had ever encountered a Brandberg crystal).  I used to think it was the desert sands… but more than likely it is the crystals emanating through the land.

Brandberg Quartz is unique to Namibia.  They are named because of the mountain range they are found in. Brandberg Mountain is located in Damaraland, in the northwestern Namib Desert, near the coast.  Brandberg crystals are all mined by hand without the use of any power tools or excavation machines.  They are found in beds near to the surface.  Compared with normal quartz, Brandbergs don’t get that large. Brandbergs over 2 inches are rare.

For me, they are liquid light and people are just drawn to them like a moth to a flame. Their energy is bright and clear, like a beacon or a lighthouse light calling you home. They radiate light and power and often call you into a meditative state effortlessly just by looking at one.  They are sooo luminous and always get a response from people of oohs and aaahhhs.

They are most prized for their super glassy sides, stunning clarity, Amethyst and Smoky phantoms filled interiors. They often have Enhydros, Rainbows and Lepidocrocite which makes them almost playful and just adds to their magic.  Then some have Goethite, even Epidote.  Even the crystals that are not so glassy on the outside can have the most amazing inner worlds.

Energetically, Brandberg crystals bring balance, peace and then bliss follows.  They transport you to the space that is always present in your heart that we often forget is calling us.  Though our messages can be ignored by our daily busyness, holding a Brandberg crystal opens us to that space, the Divine presence, creative genius that is our Source and you recognise it in you, as yourself.  The longer you sit with one of these amazing crystals the bigger the space becomes and states of bliss, laughter and down right silliness can come forth as your child like wonder, fascination and curiosity surface.  Expansion, joy and ease are the blessings that flow out of these magical crystals.

Energetic connections with Lemurian Quartz, Moralla Smoky Quartz and Vera Cruz Amethyst.

What the books say:

Brandberg’s are very protective and in time can become like a wise old friend. Brandberg’s may surface old issues for you to look at so that you can grow spiritually. Treated with the respect they deserve, they offer enormous benefits to anyone genuinely seeking to improve themselves.

Amethyst and smokey quartz phantoms are said to assist in deep healing and cleansing.  They can take one prior to and beyond our moment of birth for healing, information, and to unearth potential.  When amethyst and smokey quartz phantoms are together they act as gate-keepers – offering filters on the crown and root/grounding chakras respectively.

Brandberg Quartz Healing Properties:

Extracted from The Crystal Bible, Judy Hall

“All Brandebergs are useful aid to multi-dimensional spiritual work, ‘inner windows’ or phantoms assist in looking within or traversing the spiritual planes and gently break old patterns and ties.  This high-vibration crystal is an indispensable aid for healing and journeying, and for exploring the pure, eternal blueprint that lies behind existence.  It returns a body to that purity of vibration and intention that came before any imprinting from earthly incarnations. Emanating infinite compassion to all of creation, Brandeberg brings about deep soul healing and forgiveness.

This stone speeds recovery from illness or accident and is excellent for house clearing. A Smoky Brandeberg is the finest tool available for removing implants, attachments, spirit possession or mental influence and this is the stone par excellence for transformation or transition.

Goethite holds the template of the Earth’s evolutionary story, from inception through to seeding from various star systems through to our current and potential future reality.  It is one of the primary crystals used for holographic re-patterning – transforming old unconscious beliefs into new vibrations consistent with your conscious awakened desires / gifts / higher purpose.”


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