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Brazilianite Metaphysical Properties


Colour:         Yellow to Yellowy-Green
Chakra:        Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart
Element:       Earth, Fire, Air
Numerology: 9
Mohs Scale:  5.5
Archangels:  Jophiel, Haniel, Michael, Chamuel

BrazilianiteBrazilianite is a sodium, aluminium, phosphate hydroxide mineral  (NaAl3(PO4)2(OH)4 and has a medium hardness of 5 on the Mohs Scale ( Quartz is 7, and Diamond is 10).  Brazilanite’s name is derived from its original country of origin – Brazil, but other deposits are also found in New Hampshire, USA.

Brazilianite forms in crystals, often found in pegmatites (igneous rock) and is a considered a precious stone very much sought after by collectors.

On a metaphysical level, Brazilianite facilitates a deep spiritual understanding of a person’s role on physical Earth, and gives strength, encouragement and support in taking those steps necessary for personal growth and empowerment.

Brazilianite stimulates the Base Chakra, helping to bring Joy to this physical journey here on Earth. Joy and reverence to the physical body that houses the soul, and joy and understanding of our roles as co-creators.  Brazilianite reminds us that all of creation exists within us, and our physical world is purely a reflection of what happens within.   Brazilianite works via the base chakra to facilitate a new base chakra energy of freedom, beauty and harmony with our Earth.

Brazilianite also supports the Sacral Chakra, assisting the open flow of our creative juices and an awakening to the power of the feminine goddess within.   The crystal opens this energy centre to facilitate the connection with our natural creative state, but most importantly the release, experience and active action of birthing these creative visions into our daily lives.   This is a perfect crystal for those that find themselves hiding their gifts and talents and not honouring the full power of their magnificence.

The Solar Plexus is the energy centre of will, and through this center we may oscillate between experiences of ego will, or when in balance we express the divine will of creation.   Brazilianite supports the balance and harmony of the Solar Plexus, such that when we receive the divine whisperings of our higher self, we acknowledge these messages from a place of worthiness and self-love.  From this place of inner strength, we then have the courage, determination and inner-will to enact upon our visions with grace and ease.

In order to enact upon our creativity, from a place of divine will and authenticity, our Heart Chakra needs to be in harmony and balance.   In this place of vibration, we come from a place of divine self-love and nurturing, and understand our being-ness in the one field of all creation.  We understand our role as a co-creator, and what we give to the world in service is what we give to ourselves.  Thus Brazilianite facilitates a connection through our heart to express our gifts, talents and joy to the world from a place of compassion, purpose and meaningful expression for the creation of life.   This crystal ensures we come from a place of higher wisdom, and divine service in expressing and contributing to the future of planet Earth for future generations to come.

Other crystals which support the energetics of Brazilianite and in particular the alignment of ones creative energies through the heart via divine will are Phenacite, Herkimer Diamonds and natural Fluorite octahedrons.

My favourite method of working with Brazilianite and incorporating its energetics into my life is placing the crystal within a ‘jewellery pouch’ and wearing it directly over my heart throughout the day.  During times of great change in my life, or when I am guided to birth something new within my life, Brazilianite assists the process from a place of higher wisdom, joy, freedom and love.

Brazilianite is also a powerful crystal to use during meditation to facilitate a higher vision through your Heart of the next steps of your creative journey.  The crystal then supports you through self-love to take those steps to make those heart felt visions a physical reality in your world.  Brazilianite releases the drama, victim or perceived fears from moving out of our comfort zones, as it facilitates an awakening and connection to the divine experience of bliss we embody through growth and inner-transformation.

Allow the divine solar vibrations of Brazilianite to weave magic into your lower chakras.  Then from this state of inner-radiance, shine this light into your life, through your community and into the greater world…. to consciously shape the future of our planet.

Simone’s Crystal Article also appears on her site
Simone’s Crystal Article also appears in the The Art of Healing Magazine, Vol 3, Issue 32, 2010:


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