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Learn About Crystals And Healing

Metaphysical Properties, Crystal Meanings And Stones Healing Powers

Chrysanthemum Stone Healing Benefits

As old as time – Chrysanthemum stone formed hundreds of millions of years ago in a mineral rich body of water. With gorgeous contrasting black and white patterns each stone is a mixture of  Feldspar, Andalusite, Celestite or Calcite for the white spots and then Clay Gypsum, Limestone or Dolomite for the black ones.


Chrysanthemum Stone Star Burst Patterns

Chrysanthemum Stone Star Burst Patterns



Chrystanthemum Stones Healing Benefits

Chrysanthemum Stone is about new beginnings and making positive change, but at a deeper level its about balancing polarities.

Its a stone that embodies the energy of balance – mastering polarity in a creative way, teaching us that lifes expressions are all beautiful even if they appear chaotic, filled with suffering or tragedy. Out of this comes its polar opposite and a chance for life to begin fresh, with new energy, new direction and new outcomes.


Matte Chrysanthemum Stone

Matte Chrysanthemum Stone


Chrysanthemum Stone is about embracing life in all its aspects in a balanced way so that you may have more of it.


Its about the internal journey and the external one, the yin and the yang that both happen simultaneously. Perfect for those whose life seems to be falling apart and need that bridge to the new world that already exists but we cant quite see the path to make the leap.


positive affirmation: chrysanthemum stone

Up close: Chrysanthemum Stone



Chrysanthemum Stone Metaphysical Properties

Chrysanthemum Stone encourages the flowering of your spiritual growth, supporting change which occurs in a harmonious way. It assists you in blooming and in your own unfolding. Like a flower, parts of your personality grow, blooms and withers. In times of change when you need to let go and let the flower die, you sometimes hold on too long, causing your own suffering.

This stone allows smooth transition in times of change and reminds you that you are reborn again, just as flowers are; You will grow, blossom and transform yourself continually. You are like the art work you see in the Chrysanthemum Stone: you come out of the darkness, unique and by Divine design!

As you can admire this stone, others will admire you for your Divinity. It is a beautiful stone that reminds you of your divinity, perfection, beauty and helps you to accept the process of change and your journey, knowing that you will be reborn with each passing change.


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