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Learn About Crystals And Healing

Metaphysical Properties, Crystal Meanings And Stones Healing Powers

Crystal Healing Distance Session

Experience a Crystal Healing Session where my team and work together with your team (yes, you have a whole team) to bring your physical energy into a receptive state so it can flow with that which you desire.

Each session goes for an hour.

It involves and energetic assessment to see what is happening within your auric field.

Your chakras hold the key – so we check for spin or flow.

Once I know whats flowing, not flowing, working really hard (over compensating) or struggling then we get our crystal friends together and get to work using their harmonious and regular patterns to create a template for you.

While you are out – most people zip off, either have no recollection at all or see colours or lucid dream – we clear out old energies, inharmonious patterns and stories trapped within your field.

Once we have cleared as much as possible, we let you marinade for a while.

I return to reassess your auric field, check you chakras and see if anything needs adjusting.

Once you are good to go – we lock the healing space down – grounding it for you to use as energy here.

I send you a photo of the layout and stones used.

This can be looked at by you to reconnect with the healing, or just kept as a record.

Any information that came up I will pass on… more often than not it relates to the energetic tone of what was there… not necessarily a literal experience.

Though someone was scared of Mickey Mouse! So I got that one right. Its kind of tricky telling people about things that seem totally random. Some people think I am insane, others totally get it.

I have learnt to just leave it with them, I wouldnt have got it if it werent there to be shared.


If you feel not quite yourself, frustrated, confused, lacking your inner sparkle or you have got some ‘dis-ease’ that you know is spiritual then we can help.

Here are a few examples of different peoples layouts and the various crystals used.

Crystal Healing Distance layout clh example example clh

All I need from you is your name, location and what you want to work on.

Oh and what time you go to sleep – so I dont disturb you…. some folks are sensitive to energy!

Thats it!

See you in the ethers!

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CEO (Crystal Engagement Officer) At That Crystal Site. Crystal Lover On A Mission To Get Everyone To SEE The Magic That Is All Around Using Crystals As A Focus...Learn About Crystal Soul And The World Of Energy With Me!

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