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Crystals For Libra Star Sign

Libra personality traits, Libra characteristics and Birthstones for the Zodiac Sign Libra: The Scales September 23rd – October 22nd

Discover Birthstones and Crystals to Balance a Libra Star Sign

Acquiring balance is Libras life’s quest; balancing self, balancing others and all situations that arise. These peacemaking folk will often be so busy striving to keep everyone they know in balance that they fall over in a heap, tipping that side of the scale to totally unbalanced. Achieving balance often means the scales are up and down, while en-route to perfect balance. It works like this with Librans, down and up, polite then brash, open then obstinate, happy then miserable. Then, incrementally, balance is established and they are transformed into quiet, sweet and gracious souls.

Librans tend to be composed and contained, but they are capable of turning this state into outbursts if they feel something unjust may have been said. Librans can captivate others with their sharp intellects, allowing them to entertain people for hours, they are equally awesome listeners. Making decisions can certainly be tricky as you need to analyse things carefully in order to make the very best decision which often sees the scales get tipped back and forth in the process. Continual assessment, consideration and evaluation are mentally exhausting… but with all of these experiences come discernment and confidence.

Librans love beauty and can seem superficial as they place emphasis on the visual beauty, however they can also see unseen beauty in those that most of us would not see. Beauty flows through them in creative expressions like music as well as the arts.

Best healing crystals for Libra: Traditional and not so traditional. Choose according to your own guidance from these suggestions.

The classic birthstone for Libra is Sapphire, it is the perfect stone for Librans whose mind is over run, processing thoughts heard from the stories of other people. Sapphires ability to purify the mind and rid you of unwanted thoughts and lightens your being. Opening your mind to beauty, it allows you to dive into its depths, bringing you fulfilment and peace. Bringing in abundance, Sapphire assists Libras to take pleasure the finer things in life. It brings authenticity to your actions.

Sodalite frees Libras mental confusion establishing inner peace, strengthening the mind, by bridging the gap between your thoughts and your feelings. It transforms fear and guilt, increases knowledge, learning proficiency, consciousness, communication and wisdom. It brings truth and emotional honesty to all communications helping to resolve disagreements, making it a great ally for Libra. Sodalite is an excellent stone for use in groups helping everyone come together and work united towards a common goal.

Chrysoprase is ideal for balancing energy. It alleviates superiority and inferiority complexes, creating harmony, balance, light heartedness and joy within a Libra. It encourages hope, assisting you in clarifying problems and by revealing what was not obvious at first, but troubling you.

Turquoise is a great choice to realign you if you are feeling out of balance, as it surrounds you with peace. Use to enhance your imaginative powers and speak your mind freely without fear. It assists us in opening up to loving communication. The actual stone absorbs negative energy into itself and these damaging vibrations can sometimes shatter the stone.

Jade provides clarity, modesty, courage, justice and wisdom. Jade is the stone of peace, bringing serenity to the mind by releasing negative thoughts. A stone of balance it assists us in seeing the truth in all situations and in the creation of your dreams into reality. Helps you to put things into perspective, remain calm under pressure and detach yourself from surrounding drama.

Bloodstone aligns all levels. It strengthens the will to ‘do good’. It helps you to be present in the moment. Bloodstone also assists to revitalise love, relationships and friendships. Use to dispel states of bewilderment and obscure thought.

Angelite is another great stone for when you feel stressed and overwhelmed that brings serenity, inner peace and a sense of calm. Angelite releases fear and anger while working through forgiveness. Angelite can be used to aid expression and communication in group settings and in relationships.

Blue Topaz opens us to cosmic understanding, helping to transcend limitations. It is an emotional balancer, soothing and peaceful. Topaz brings tranquillity, creativity and self-expression to Libras.

Ocean Jasper is very soothing and helps to love one’s self as well as others. It is very healing of the emotions and brings peace of mind. It helps with acceptance of responsibility and increases patience.

Aquamarine helps you to flow but in an orderly and balanced way. It assists with tolerance, providing you with emotional and intellectual stability. It is gentle and compassionate helping you to use moderation so you don’t get bogged down with responsibility.

Kyanite dispels anger and frustration, brings clarity to mental awareness and linear reasoning. Great for balancing energies it brings orderly growth to the intellect, emotions and physical body.

Lapis Lazuli brings peace, clarity, truthfulness, openness, inner power, intuition, virility and manifestation. It helps you to remain objective, subjective focusing on the optimum equilibrium in each situation thus bringing success in relationships. Lapis enhances love and fidelity within marriage which is important to Libras.

Blue quartz brings this sense of order to all things, and releases fear. It is also a boost for creativity and expression. Blue quartz or Dumorterite greatly reduces problems with scattered mind and disorganization, bringing mental clarity. It helps us to see and accept reality, and react to it intelligently. It can lift depression and replace it with peace and happiness. It reduces stubbornness and helps reduce emotional tension.

Iolite helps eliminate and release disharmony in relationships and discord in ones life.

Blue Tourmaline helps us to live in harmony

Apophyllite allows us to act upon the truth in all situations.


Other Healing Crystals for Libra

Herkimer Diamonds are powerful amplifiers for energies and other stones. It helps Libras to ‘be’ – enhancing spontaneity. It allows Libras to attune to people. Herkimer Diamonds energise, enlivens and promotes creativity.

Hypersthene is a brilliant stone for those who are looking for answers. Just having a piece in your pocket can bring answers effortlessly being in a meditative state makes them appear all too easily. Hypersthene is also good for people who are overly critical or irritable. It reduces the negative aspects of pride and brings self respect. It is a good stone for relationships, both personal and business.

Lepidolite creates balance between your heart and mind creating inner balance when everything around you seems chaotic. It takes the emotional edge off things.

Mochi Balls bring balance.

Moonstone is perfect for when you need to feel balanced or have changing aspects in your life. It brings calmness through awareness, providing the energy to sustain you through stages of growth. It works well to allow self expression and creativity to flow. Moonstone eliminates that which is not needed, gives only truth. Blue moonstone creates a balanced, whole and unified energy field, absorbed in divine light.

Amber assists us to come from our own inner knowing. Helping our channels to be clear and open in being an instrument of the Divine. Amber spiritualises the intellect and activates our creative nature. Agate is excellent for balancing Yin/Yang energy as well as the physical, emotional and intellectual bodies with the Etheric energies. It stabilises your aura, cleansing and removing dysfunctional energies, while transforming and eliminating negativity.

Rose Quartz assists in being receptive to the beauty and love in everything, also receptivity to colours, sounds, art, music and poetry. It enlivens the imagination to enable it to create beautiful forms. Opens the eyes to physical beauty, assists to love the self, have compassion, forgiveness and acceptance.

Tigers Eye is great to relieve scattered energies, if you are feeling drained or uncertain. Keeps you grounded, encourages optimism and lifts the mood. Great for balancing on all levels and encourages us to open up to new experiences. It enhances integrity, willpower, practicality and correct use of power. It can also help one see clearly without illusion. It helps to gain insight into our own imbalances and to perceive and think more clearly.

Zincite allows the blending of personal power, physical energy and creativity stimulating the electric currents within the body helping to remove or dissipate energy blockages. Brings people of a ‘Like Mind’ together and promotes group cooperation. It is also beneficial to furthering relationships on the physical plane.

Dioptase is great for bringing us into the present moment. It eases transitions, giving you hope, in honesty while reducing stress and depression.

Smokey Quartz relaxes an often frantic Libra, releasing bodily stress and strain related to emotional distress. It brings increased awareness, grounding and centring, while releasing blocks and negativity on all levels. Smoky Quartz helps Libras accept their choices and to see the joys in life.

Pietersite dispels illusion and assisting one to recognise the beauty of the soul and helping to support human courage, tenacity and dauntless effort to create and maintain beauty. It is very uplifting and helps dissolve confusion and fear about what lies ahead. It is also calms emotional outbursts and upheavals. It allows Libras a clearer use of the ideal flow of their energy, reducing fatigue and overwhelm from working with others’ energies.

Ametrine is great for balancing male and female qualities, clears the mind opening it to peace, tranquillity and cooperation. It disperses negativity and fills the void with stabilizing qualities of pure light. Helps you release prejudice. It enhances all aspects of compatibility

Bronzite helps us with decisiveness where things have not been resolved.
It is the ‘stone of courtesy’ promoting loving equitability and unprejudiced discernment within the wearer. While Libras constant analysis can throw them off balance, Bronzite help them in achieving states of certainty.

Citrine is invaluable for boosting self esteem and encouraging openness to what others have to say – without taking criticism personally. It helps pave the way for a rational approach to situations and assists in making decisions.

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