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Metaphysical Properties, Crystal Meanings And Stones Healing Powers

Crystals For Virgo Star Sign

Virgo personality traits, Virgo characteristics and Birthstones for the Zodiac Sign Virgo: The Virgin August 22nd – September 23rd

With your gift of analytical thinking, you can assess situations, bringing insights and solutions which are controlled and predictable. You have very high standards and expect the same high standards of everyone else. Because you can see ‘how simple it can be’ and voice it, if you’re not diplomatic you can annoy others, be seen as a perfectionist and often critical.

You are constantly searching for new things to learn, and can absorb lots of diverse findings, which makes you full of all sorts of useful information.

You are practical, conscientious and ordered in your approach. You have ways and means of doing things that suit you just fine … though others may not agree. You need to do things one at a time or you can get so bogged down in detail that things become static, and then you get frustrated because nothing is getting completed!

Your mind is sharp and can pick up mistakes, remember dates and details. You like to stand back and observe the scene before you engage. You are often the quiet one, with a quick wit that can be sarcastic. You keep to yourself, but are aware of everyone else.

You will give everything to help someone in need and love to be of service. You are always doing creative things whether it’s creating a system, planting a garden, making jewellery, painting, sewing or crafting things!

Healing Crystals For Virgo:

Traditional and not so traditional. Choose according to your own guidance from these suggestions.

Peridot is the traditional Zodiac stone for Virgos, and helps you to be less critical of yourself, bringing a lighter energy to a full mind, and cleansing your auric field. It helps you to recognise any detrimental patterns in your life, and inspires happiness and self-appreciation.

Amazonite gently helps you to discover the reasons you seem stuck. Virgos can get so many details into their minds they get bogged down! It brings calm.

Kyanite brings tranquillity and a calming effect, helping Virgo let go of the excess thoughts of the day.

Rhodochrosite also assists you in loving yourself, and helps you release the need to blame yourself for everything. It prevents sickness and brings calm.

Rose Quartz brings gentleness, forgiveness, self-confidence, self worth and tolerance to a Virgo. It is also soothing, calming and reduces stress and tension!

Smithsonite helps you to take joy in new beginnings. It relieves stress and panic attacks and instils a sense of self worth.

Amethyst this will help you to make realistic goals. It is a renowned healer, providing calm, peaceful mediation, pure thought, spiritual insight and relaxation. It helps with the expression of higher values, which Virgos treasure so much, and transmutes negativity.

Sodalite is a stone for anyone who lives in their mind! I’m talking to you, Virgo! Sodalite will clear and balance your mind, and help eliminate doubts, fears and anxiety.

Larimar is cleansing and calming when you’re stressed out. It soothes and helps you to express your emotions in a balanced way.

Moonstone is another good stone to help balance out emotionally charged situations.  It grants insight and intuition.

Additional Crystals For Virgo

Sardonyx is one of the traditional stones associated with the Virgo sign, related to Carnelian, Onyx and Chalcedony.  It combines all their properties into one neat package, which should appeal to your natural inclination towards efficiency! Sardonyx is relationship-focused, assisting in finding happiness in long term relationships and marriages.  Since it encourages self control, you’ll find it helps attract good fortune and like-minded friends and business partners.  Use it also to instil courage and diminish hesitation!

Moss Agate provides strength in all endeavours and efficacy in all pursuits. It is great for increasing self esteem. It helps balance the emotions and strengthens positive personal traits.  

Citrine is invaluable for boosting self esteem and encouraging openness to what others have to say – without taking criticism personally. It helps pave the way for a rational approach to situations. 

Ammonites aid in seeing ‘the whole picture’ helping Virgos to create stability and structure in their lives from a broader perspective. It helps transform the negative energies in your life into a positive flow.

Calcite is probably the best cleanser of stored negative energies and after a day of people not living up Virgos’ standards … very useful! Calcite also grounds and centres bringing inner peace.

Carnelian helps you open your heart to connect with your inner self. It helps with concentration, memory and making decisions. It calms nerves and stress.  

Cerrusite is a great stone to help you feel ‘at home’ and comfortable in all environments. It provides strength to manage situations in our lives, relieving tension and anxiety. It helps with decision making and provides a free flow of energy, alleviates introversion, brings tact and the beauty of cooperation.  It’s great for assisting you in stepping out of the old, fear based existence of emotions, thoughts and patterns.

Fulgurite alleviates distractions and provides for intensified concentration, helping you to focus!

Pyrite strengthens the will and enhances harmony between yourself and others. It helps relieve your frustration with the outside world by helping others meet you on your level.

Magnetite lessens or dispels grief, fear, anger, confusion, and attachment. It helps relieve burdens and increase energy and endurance.

Jasper is an emotionally calming stone, helping you to see facts and situations more objectively.

Ocean Jasper is very soothing and helps you to love yourself as well as others. It brings peace of mind.

Creedite helps provide a driving force towards your goals!

Zircon is a great stone for Virgos who don’t wish to give up their ideals but need to take earthly measures to function in this plane! It gives strength of purpose to the desires you wish to see.

Howlite is a stone of communication, aiding you in expressing yourself calmly and rationally, and facilitating awareness and emotional expression. It combines your powers of reasoning with patience!

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