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Fibonacci Number Sequence And Crystal Art

Fibonacci – Creation Principles With Spectacular Results

the golden egg

What I love about crystals are their amazing form and ability for refract light. There is something so incredibly captivating about light play that draws everyone into its world. Now people use lead crystal for its light refractive qualities, fashioning it into little animals that cast rainbow when lit by halogen lights or more commonly in feng shui circles the suncatcher types that throw a gazillion rainbows when sunlight hits them.


However when someone who truly understands the material he is working with utilizes its refractive properties – well the result are outstanding. Meet Jack Storm… What is super cool about Jacks work is that he understands the nature of our world, both structurally and energetically. He knows that the universe spirals into reality. He understands that straight lines are not how the universe forms in nature, go outside and look for a straight flower, tree or piece of fruit… it doesnt happen. But straight lines exist as a contrast and can be mathematically applied to create a spiral – just as nature does…

Glass Sculpture - Aerial

Fibonacci was the surname of a man who recognized that all of nature forms in spirals that follow a numerical sequence expanding out infinitely into our reality. He discovered if you add 0+1, you get 1, then you take the 1 you added + 1 and get 2, then you add the 1 you had before plus the 2 and you get 3. Then it goes adding the previous totals on and on and when mapped out they form a spiral.


The Fibonacci number sequence goes like this: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, 1597 etc. Resulting in a perfect spiral. Each little cube becomes the ratio by adding the 2 previous cubes to makes it length, and so it expands.

fibonacci spiral

We see the Fibonacci number sequence in nature – everywhere… in shells, flowers, plants, the formation of our face and how its proportions are aligned, our DNA and the orbiting of our planets and our solar system! Spirals are everywhere, as is the Fibonacci sequence.


sea shell fibonacci spiral


Class Artsist, Jack Storm creates his glass sculptures based on the Fibonacci sequence and uses dichroic glass to create refractive light diffusion throughout each piece. The result are spectacular. You can see a myriad of cubes within the larger cube, but there are actually only a few cubes in its centre!


Chroma Cube

Chroma Cube


Natural cubic crystalline internal structure forms in a similar manner with internal cubes formed by atoms connecting together to form a cube shape, they add to each other bonding as a lattice and growing. Growth occurs in all directions by adding more and more or the same pattern to its first cube bond.

Cubic Crystal System

See how Jack captures the refractive qualities in this beauty!

Rainbow Dichroic Glass


For some mind blowing light play – check out these beauties! Glass sculpture image credit: plus for more info 🙂


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