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Fortune Card Reading Online

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Fortune Card Readings


What are Fortune Cards?

Fortune cards are a divining tool that have been around for ages! They are colourful, simple and work best when read by a tuned-in psychic or intuitive. With fewer symbols than Tarot, the cards spark images for the reader, allowing them to channel messages, rather than interpret set-in-stone meanings. They give intuitives, clairvoyants and channels something to focus on, leading them on a journey of discovery with their clients.

They were made famous by Madame LeNormand, clairvoyant to Napoleon, who cautioned him not to divorce Josephine. He of course ignored her advice and the consequences are written in the history books!

Brig uses two different decks, and you’ll be able to choose which you prefer. One deck of cards was designed by Titania Hardie, a powerful clairvoyant herself, and one of my favourite authors when I was developing my own talents. The other is Brigs’ own creation, his Crystal Fortune Card deck, designed after years of working with crystals, fortune cards, and developing my own talents.


How can they help me?

Fortune Cards are intended to give guidance for the challenges you face in your everyday life, rather than predict the future. The cards allow you to see the consequences or blessings of your current actions and mindset. They offer insight into tough decisions or events coming up on the horizon, and can help you to see the results of your current course of action down the pipeline.

They are also wonderful at providing encouragement in trying situations! If things seem stuck or difficult, Fortune Cards often provide help in the form of suggestions, courses of action, or encouragement so that you can turn the situation around, or help you to stick to your guns and come through unscathed.


What is the difference between Earth and Star readings?

The Earth Fortune Card Reading is a 9 card spread, and generally covers up to a three month time period. It is a simpler reading intended mostly for specific concerns and questions, but can be a good general reading for short spans of time, too!

The Star Fortune Card Reading is a 36 card spread (the Titania deck) or 28 card spread (the crystal deck), covering a great amount of detail into your concern or question, and addressing the most important areas regarding the outcome. It can reach deeper into your future outcomes, and is intended to provide a more complete picture of the influences surrounding them. It starts with a 9 card spread and then follows the main ideas into a more complex reading.


How does it work?

Once your order is received, you will be contacted via email to ask if you would like a specific concern addressed, or if you would like a general reading. You’ll also be asked which deck you prefer for your reading. I’ll take it from there!

Brig will do your reading and record the results – often a lengthy write up describing the cards and how they relate to each other regarding your reading. Plus any intuitive information that accompanies them.

You will be sent a photo of your spread along with the description of your reading.


A 9 Card Spread Reading is $50


A 36 Card Spread Reading is $80

Once you have decided on which reading your prefer head on over to Brig page and select the Fortune Card Reading of your choice.


My go to for divine guidance 🙂


“Thank you so much! I would be happy to recommend you – I have read and read my reading over and over again! Uplifting, confidence building, encouraging and full of guidance … just what I needed. Spot on!”

– L. Greene, Kyogle, NSW


“I have had numerous readings with Brig over the years. He is by far the most accurate and authentic translator of cards that I have ever come across. He has developed a strong relationship with his cards and easily allows messages to come through. It can be difficult to find readers who have total integrity and the willingness to remove their own ego from the interpretation. Brig masters this precisely and lovingly. Sometimes life overwhelms us and blocks out our inner guide and Brig facilitates a space for our higher self to speak with us. I highly recommend his readings for their honesty, and ability to reassure us on our path through life when we require some insight.”

– M.R. Clark, Galong, NSW



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