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Crystals And Birthstones For The Star Sign Virgo

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 04, 2010 9:24 am    Post subject: Crystals And Birthstones For The Star Sign Virgo Reply with quote

Who knows a Virgo?

I put together this article about Virgos and some crystals that might help create balance and harmony for them.

You will find traditional stones and some not so traditional. Bearing in mind that each of us is a little different, based on the way all of our aspects combine to make us unique.

If you have an ideas or are a Virgo and know which stones work best for you, please let us all know!

Here we go : )
With your innate gift of analytical thinking, you effortlessly assess situations, providing new insights and solutions which are controlled and predictable. You have extremely high standards and also expect the same standards of everyone else. You can see how simple things can be and tell it as it is, if you aren't diplomatic you can annoy others, be labelled as a perfectionist and/or critical.

You love learning new things and are constantly absorbing reams of tidbits of information, which makes you resource who can converse with people on many levels.

Your approach to life is practical, conscientious and orderly. You have your own particular ways and means of doing things that reflect this nature... though others may not like them. You need to do things one at a time or you can get so steeped in details that procrastination sets in, and then you get frustrated because nothing is happening!

With a sharp mind you can see mistakes instantly, log details and recall them with ease. You are often found accessing a situation, from a distance before you take part. You are usually the quiet one, that comes to life with a quick, often sarcastic wit. You are aware of everyone else and their lives, but prefer to Keep to yourself.

If someone needs help, you love to be of service and will give all you can. Being creative comes naturally to you, whether it's creating a roster, arranging a garden, making jewellery, sculpting, crocheting or scrap booking!

Peridot is known as the traditional birth stone for Virgos, and helps you to be less critical of yourself, filling the mind with a lighter energy, as it cleanses your auric field. It helps you to recognise any adverse habits in your life, and inspires joy and self-appreciation.

When you're stressed, Larimar is great for calming and cleansing you. Its soothing energy helps you to express any pent up emotions without inflicting harm.

Sardonyx is one of the alternative traditional stones associated with the Virgo sign and it is related to Carnelian, Onyx and Chalcedony. All of their properties are combined into this one stone, which will appeal to your natural inclination for efficiency. Sardonyx is a relationship stone which assists in finding happiness in long term relationships and/or marriage. Working with your self control, you'll find it also helps attract good fortune, blessings, like-minded friends and business partners. It allows you to release fears that lead to hesitation and as it does it fill you with courage to move forward.

Moss Agate brings power to all your efforts and efficacy in all pursuits. It brings greater self esteem. It balances the emotions and strengthens positive personal aspects.

Carnelian allows you open your heart and link in with your inner self. It helps with the mind, with focus, memory and decision making. It also relieves stress and balances your nerves.

For additional crystals for balancing the star sign of Virgo visit
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