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A Quick Guide To Choosing Healing Crystals For Cancer

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 04, 2010 12:01 pm    Post subject: A Quick Guide To Choosing Healing Crystals For Cancer Reply with quote

I have been asked about the best crystals to use for someone diagnosed with cancer... and these are some of them.

Cancer can appear within our body in all shapes and forms. Cancer is created over time, by holding back our energy or creative power and this is like us turning down the dimmer switch on our own Light.

Energetically, it is stagnant or blocked energy. Our aura, when flowing freely, is full of light and colour. Cancer often appears black to me. Opening the flow of light into the area is what needs to be done to get energy moving through the body again. The increased light flow makes us aware of the thing we really want to do, but have not acted on. Just doing 'the thing' can transform your energy.

Healing stones that increase the energy flow thus allowing more light to enter into the area of dis-ease are a good starting place. Stones that purify the mind / body, restructure DNA, regenerate the cells, create balance while grounding the healing energy into the person's aura work well.

Remember, when you are selecting a healing crystal to go with your intuition or gut. It knows the perfect choice for you better than any other. Please know that these are only guide lines and there are as many different crystals and combinations to work with that will be effective.

Crystals such as Selenite, Petalite, Malachite, Fluorite, Smoky Quartz, Chalcopyrite and Sugilite are readily available (most people have at least one of them already). They work on your Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical bodies to restore balance. If you are less mobile placing a crystal on the affected area is great. For those more mobile crystals kept in a pocket or bra while you move about keeps them in your auric field.

Selenite brings streams of white light into your body allowing it to cleanse / purify your entire energy system, right down into the DNA. This light stream helps with restructuring and regenerating cells, so is great for working on tumor reduction and physical healing.

Petalite works in a similar way bringing a vortex of light to the affected area in which it is placed. This light flow brings a sense of peace and calm and this state is perfect for us to rebalance and stabilise the bodies' energy. Petalite can be used for tumors and cellular regeneration.

Another great stone that gets the flow moving through the body again is Malachite. It holds a transformative and regenerative frequency that works to dissipate blocked energy (Tumors) and physical pain.

Fluorite has a way of bringing order and balance within your auric field by soothing chaotic energy. It nourishes, purifies, cleanses and restructures the cells DNA (Tumors).

Smoky Quartz has a frequency that takes frazzled energy and dissipates it. Negative or emotional blockages are dissolved allowing positive energies to enter the aura. It is protective and grounds any excess energy so we are able to balance with all the new frequencies.

Sugilite brings light through the body, cleansing and purifying the chakras creating balance between the Mind, Body and Spirit. It works on the pituitary gland which works in with our DNA and primordial cells. Sugilite is great for relieving stress, forgiveness, releasing negativity and if it has black manganese in it reducing pain.

Chalcopyrite is another physical healer that works to regenerate cells (Tumors), and restructure DNA. It is also a calming stone for a stressful time.

For additional crystals to work with cancer visit
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