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Birthstones And Crystals To Balance A Libra Star Sign

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 11, 2011 1:16 pm    Post subject: Birthstones And Crystals To Balance A Libra Star Sign Reply with quote

Achieving balance is Libras sole objective; between others, of self and in every situation they find themselves in. As peacemakers, they are usually so busy keeping everything & everyone else balanced, that they wind up in a pile, sitting on one side of the scale, totally unbalanced. As Libras move towards perfect balance, it often means the scales swing from up to down. So it is with Librans, back and forward, considerate then arrogant, open then stubborn, happy then depressed. Then, eventually, balance is achieved and transforms them into calm, charming and gentle souls.

Librans tend to be composed and contained, but they are capable of turning this state into outbursts if they feel something unjust may have been said. Librans can captivate others with their sharp intellects, allowing them to entertain people for hours, they are equally awesome listeners. Making decisions can certainly be tricky as you need to analyse things carefully in order to make the very best decision which often sees the scales get tipped back and forth in the process. Continual assessment, consideration and evaluation is mentally exhausting... but with all this experience comes discernment and confidence.

Librans love beauty and can seem to be superficial as they place emphasis on the visible beauty in front of them, however they can also see unseen beauty in those that most of us would not see. Beauty flows through them in creative expression, like music as well as the arts.

The traditional birthstone for Libra is Sapphire; it is the ultimate stone for Librans who take on numerous thoughts from the stories of other people to process. Sapphire cleanses your being, ridding you of unwanted thoughts so you feel lighter. It allows you to dive into its depths, opening your mind to beauty bringing you peace and fulfillment. Attracting prosperity, Sapphire allows Libras to really enjoy in the finer things in life. It assists you with being authentic in your actions.

Chrysoprase is great for balancing energies. It reduces superiority and inferiority complexes, bringing balance, harmony, joy and light heartedness. Allowing you to become conscious what was unconsciously troubling you, it assists in clarifying your problems while encouraging hope.

Agate is excellent for balancing Yin/Yang energy as well as the physical, emotional and intellectual bodies with the Etheric energies. It stabilises your aura, cleansing and removing dysfunctional energies, while transforming and eliminating negativity.

Turquoise is perfect to work with if you are feeling out of balance as it realigns and brings a sense of assurance. Use to boost your creative thinking and communicate what you need to say without fear. It assists us in opening up to loving connections. The stone itself attracts imbalance energies assimilating the damaging vibrations, sometimes breaking under the pressure.

Bloodstone aligns all levels of your being. It encourages us to 'do good'. It brings your energy into the present moment. It revitalises love, relationships and friendships. Use to release obscure thoughts and dispel states of bewilderment.

Angelite is a ideal for you if you feel stressed or overwhelmed by things as it creates calm, serenity and feelings of inner peace. Angelite dispels fear, anger and encourages forgiveness. Angelite works to help Librans express and communicate themselves in group settings and in relationships.
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