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Birthstones List With Pictures

List of Birthstones

Birthstones are associated with a month, rather than a star sign which crosses 2 halves of a month.

Some people feel connected with their birthstone, others feel the stone their birthday falls in which could be the next month suits them better. Like all things, its personal – entirely up to you if you agree or not.

Its fun to find out either way!

Our Birthstone List is listed by month with pictures of the stone close up.

Mostly so you get an idea of each birthstones color 🙂

Some birthstones have 2 stones or an alternative stone – which I have listed along side each other.

This birthstone list is the standard… their are many different versions, traditional and cultural as with most things in life.

Google them if want more elaborate info… this is just the basic birthstone list.


Birthstone for each month
Some of the birthstones come in more than one color; garnet, tourmaline, topaz and zircon are the ones you will find have a variety of colors. While the other birthstones might have shade variations of light to dark.

Wearing your birthstone brings your being into balance.

Birthstones while commercially created do match the star signs of those born in those months while each of us is entirely unique and born with totally different astrological mixes in our charts, there are many influences that can make these stones seem to have no connection with some folks.

If you want to have a few more choices or you know your chart and the zodiac elements that govern your chart then you can check out our zodiac crystal videos to give you some more personality type crystals rather than the more general Birthstones.

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