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Crystal Meanings And Metaphysical Properties of Stones Listed With Pictures

Our crystal metaphysical directory is an extensive chart with over 400 crystals, minerals and stones listed alphabetically and with pictures of each so you can learn about the crystals you may already have but arent sure of the name.

Our Crystal Metaphysical Properties Directory goes over not only crystals and minerals, but also their formations, and different appearances and / or names. It is some what of a Metaphysical Crystal  Encyclopedia describing each of the Healing Crystals and their Crystal Healing uses that can work on many levels whether they be mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.

The Healing Properties of Crystals come through the internal lattice of the crystal, the minerals present that combine to make the crystal, the color the exhibit and emit and the tone the resonate at.

Stone Energy is both subtle and pervasive. You might notice is as a pulse like quality, you might hear a sound like ringing in your ears, you might see a colour or a flash of a vision or feel something in your body. Every crystal is different, just like you are unique – your experiences will be your own and perfect for you… whether they match the healing properties you read about or not – you will have your own connection… which is what matters most.

Deriving your own meaning from crystals or life for that matter.

Crystal Stones Meanings and Properties are there as a guide, but remember they have come through someone elses filters. Each crystal is a portal that reveals to your your intent and the tings about you. Discovering the meanings of crystals is part of your own journey… dont just take the words you read about the Healing Properties of Crystals in Metaphysical Crystal Guide as set in stone and do not underestimate your souls ability to guide you to your own truth.

The Metaphysical Crystal Properties and meanings you will read may very well just be leading you to connecting with a certain energy to answer your inner yearnings. Once you have connected with those words you need to embody the energy.

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Crystals & Stones are energetic impulses that we perceive through our bodies translated into things we can understand in the physical world… The spiritual properties of crystals and gemstones are multidimensional; they are there to open you into a greater awareness and a fuller life by going beyond what you ‘know’ to be true.
I guess I am saying, dont rely solely on learning the crystal stones meanings and metaphysical properties of stones… use this literature to connect you with your own guidance and then take the journey so you have your own metaphysical properties and crystal meanings.

So let us begin:

Click on letters below to find other crystal types / names and their crystal meanings.

Please note most crystals are listed by their type first – so Calcite then its colour, or Agate then its variety.

Dont look for a colour first – black Kyanite is listed under Kyanite: Black

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