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Healing Room

Our Healing Room is full of stones and crystals that can be used as crystals for healing sessions, in layouts placed over the chakras. Healing with crystals is non invasive and carrying a healing stone in your pocket or your bra through the day and then transferring under your pillow at night allows the crystal to entrain its healing energy into your auric field. Choose from hundreds of crystals for sale, with the metaphysical properties of crystals listed with each, for your convenience. The beings you find in The Healing Room are selected from many for you to serve your Highest Potential and Greatest Joy! I select only the beings that call to me to take them, they know where they are going and how to get there

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Inner Peace = Youth SLOW AGING SET
Inner Peace = Youth

Divine mama hugs! MORGANITE
Divine mama hugs!

Access information and remember it LUCID DREAMING SET
Access information and remember it

Ascension Stone!
Ascension Stone!

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