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Learn About Crystals And Healing

Metaphysical Properties, Crystal Meanings And Stones Healing Powers

Silver Set Crystal Jewellery

The benefits of buying Crystal Jewellery and Silver Set Crystal Jewellery.

I am always going to stand on my soap box for ‘real’ versus man made anything. Always. Whether its fresh produce vs processed food or natural fibres vs polyester… nature has inherent patterns contained within its structure and melting things into new materials destroys the fabric that allows energy to flow and hold its charge. Crystals are no different; formed over millions of years, from elements in the earth under the watchful presence of the entire cosmos and universe – frozen light and that contains the blueprint of creation with in their structure, perfect and untainted, just they were intended. Mans intentions are not always so honourable, especially when there is a buck to be made, regardless of the cost to our being. Give me crystals and real silver over that mass produced, lab created stuff any day please!

Geometry through which energy flows

While often we are being turned into commodities, haggling for price and buying mass produced, cheap items to suit our here today, gone tomorrow lifestyle… Fashion jewellery is made with plastic, base metal or resins and is made to be discarded when the new trend comes in.

While I love the changing trends of fashion, I find that it is often the same price or less for real stones, crystals and silver set crystal jewellery as it is for plastic found in a department store!!

Why would you not buy real gems and pure metals?? Buying sterling silver crystal jewellery is what I call “Gorgeous with benefits!”

Firstly you get to look great, having something totally unique; even stones formed into beads are totally unique, not 2 beads are the same. Crystals are of the earth and each is as unique as the location and conditions they formed under. While mainstream jewellery chains have attempted to create the magic ‘in the lab’ so they can sell thousands of pieces from a catalogue, at That Crystal Site we value the uniqueness of each crystal, gemstone or mineral that is set to create a piece of art for you to adorn yourself and make you feel proud to wear. Express your uniqueness!!

Every bead is unique!

Secondly, if you have seen the stock market you might have noticed that sterling silver quadrupled last year – it is no longer the cheaper alternative to gold, it’s a commodity being traded with intrinsic ‘real’ stock value. Once you buy a crystal set in silver, by default it becomes an investment! Tell that to your man and he’ll be happy : )

Silver prices have never moved as dramatically as 2011

Thirdly, sterling silver is used extensively with gemstones because it is able to both attract and retain unto itself those qualities that are emitted by the stone or crystal. Silver can draw out negative energies from the body while transferring the positive forces of the mineral, crystal or gem its set in. So the energy (crystals healing meaning) or metaphysical properties of sterling silver enhances the crystals healing influences.

Quality Sterling 925 Silver Crystal Jewellery

When we select our quality silver crystal jewellery, we choose with all of these aspects in mind. We don’t buy cheap silver, believe me you can both see and feel the difference. We don’t stock silver work created by people who work just for money.

Poor workmanship

We buy from Artisans, Silversmiths and Jewellers who learnt a trade, who love the stones, had a vision and work to highlight the stone uniqueness ad beauty to create a piece of art that will last beyond their lifetime. Sometimes the setting it so simple as to highlight the stones patterns, other times it’s the mixture of stones and silver. While other times its how the metal works with the stones shape as if bringing it to life.

Thick Sterling Silver highlights the stone and
enhances the crystals meaning.

Jewellery is like art, taking what nature has created and mixing it with the artisans vision so each piece will be totally unique; Unique as the stone, the artisan and then wearer.

In addition to this, the beautiful thing about Crystal Jewellery is that represents love, joy, beauty, prosperity, honour, protection, spirituality, prestige or connection to another. When jewelry is set with stones, colour and textures can transform the wearers appearance and mood.

With crystal jewellery you get the benefits of the metaphysical properties of the individual crystal. Large bead pendants, carved pendants in various stones and shapes such as Buddha or totem animals give you the healing meanings of the single gem. Jewellery such as beaded necklaces and bracelets can come with a mixture of healing stones and you can get both precious gemstones and semi precious stones in the mix and gain the benefits of multiple crystal meanings.

Facet Grade Crystal Jewellery

Silver crystal jewellery adds potency to the gemstone that it is set with. You can get single gemstones, or multiple crystals set in sterling silver bringing both the energy of the silver and the individual crystals meanings.

For example, when you buy an amethyst bead bracelet you get the benefit of Amethyst. But if you buy an amethyst set in silver then the properties of the Amethyst are heightened.

Let the buyer beware:

Because of the rise in popularity of crystal jewellery you will find many, many fake stones, dyed stones and lab created stones attempting to fill the market with cheaper options. The amount of crystals coming out of the ground is below the demand of the market. Rose Quartz, Citrine and Jade are being dyed, Lapis is being dyed; Malachite, Amber and Rhodochrosite are being made from resin and plastic. Precious stones like diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire and tanzanite are being grown in labs, even semi precious stones like amethyst and citrine are. What does this mean?? You are missing out on the energy of the stones! Yes, they look the part and are cheap, but if you know stones – they are all wrong… with the exception of colour. It also means that real stones are worth more!!

Now when buying silver crystal jewellery, not all things are created equal. Silver has been diluted with brass in many of the countries where jewellery is being made such as India, Asia, Africa and South America. Tribal jewellery has a large portion of its silver mixed with brass. What’s the significance of this?? Your skin will go green as it mixes with oxygen and your skins surface oils, perfumes etc. The price might be less than genuine 925 sterling silver, but now you know why and when your shirt goes green you might not be so happy!

African and Thai Silver

Many producers of silver jewellery have figured out that you can just get a stamp and stamp 925 onto the silver and hope no one notices. In Australia and in the USA the 925 stamp is legally binding and represents a minimum silver content of 92.5%.

This ring is stamped 925 but is only base metal.
See how its colour is not silver?

When you encounter this lower grade silver you will find its weight is wrong, it usually has a strange colour, usually a dull grey and lacks shine or has tinny feel to it, it can go black or green on your skin. Base metal is often plated with a thin coat of silver AKA silver plated jewellery, this plating is fine and wears off in the places you contact your skin.

Thin amount of silver can split

Sterling silver is silver in colour (funny that!) it has a bright, reflective luster, a good weight and feel to it. Some will set their stones with such a thin amount of silver, in order to keep the price down, that it where the join is can actually split and catch on fabric.

Cast jewellery

Just snaps off.

 Real Sterling Silver compared with lower grade mixed metals and silver

The other type of silver jewellery is the Indian version where they cast their silver work. Basically the have a mould and pour the silver in and it forms a solid piece. This means they can create multiples, but you can easily snap this type of jewellery and it can not be re-soldered together.

All our jewellery is set with Sterling Silver and hallmarked with 925 so you can be sure it is sterling silver!

What does this mean? Well, Sterling Silver is an alloy (mix) of Silver, where the pure metal silver is normally too soft to make into jewellery, they mix it with a small percent of copper. The mixture is 92.5% pure silver (Ag) and 7.5% copper (Cu).  It is the copper that oxidizes and causes it to tarnish. You will notice there is a stamp on the back or inside of jewellery that has 3 numbers; 925 which is the international standard for sterling silver. Each precious metal has a stamp used to indicate the amount of pure metal in the alloy. Sterling silver is 925 parts per thousand or 92.5% silver so if someone says its sterling silver – check for this stamp and that the number is 925. As I mentioned before, In Australia and in the USA the 925 stamp is legally binding and represents a minimum silver content of 92.5%.

Look for this stamp when you buy silver jewellery

Silver is used extensively with gem stones because it is able to both attract and retain unto itself those qualities that are emitted by the stone or crystal. Silver can draw out negative energies from the body while transferring the positive forces of the mineral, crystal or gem its set in.

Solid Sterling Silver Crystal Jewellery

So before you buy and Sterling Silver jewellery, remember to check for the 925 stamp. Make sure there is a decent amount of silver so the workmanship will last. Understand that if you are buying crystal jewellery for metaphysical properties you are better off having quality silver and gemstones so you get the better energetic flow.

Quality workmanship

We have 100’s of pieces of quality 925 sterling silver crystal jewellery for you to choose from. Each is magical in its own right, chosen for the crystals, gemstones and / or minerals vibrant energy and magical colours, textures and patterns, the silver is a bonus. Gorgeous with benefits!

Crystal Gemstones set in Sterling Silver

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