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Tanzanite Meaning

tanzanite december birthstone


Tanzanite is a gorgeous stone, with its unique cobalt blue colouring that has a red flash on certain angles.

Tanzanite is trichroic, meaning in has 3 distinct colours depending on your viewing angle.

Whats more its part of the zoisite family – a diverse crew including pink Thulite, green Anyolite (the green in ruby zoisite), along with the blue Tanzanite. Even more cool is that its part of the epidote family.

Its chemical composition is Ca2Al3(SiO4)(Si2O7)O(OH), its hardness is 6 – 7 on the Mohs scale.

It comes from only one location – Tanzania in Africa which is how it got its name. Only recently discovered in 1967… it became popular when Tiffany and co dubbed it Tanzanite and created a market for it as a gemstone.

Its rise in popularity has seen it be added to the birthstones list, being deemed a birthstone for December which is a pretty big deal as no changes have been made in over a hundred years.

tanzanite rough

Tanzanite Meaning and Metaphysical Properties

Tanzanite is one of my wear every day crystals. It keeps me open to my higher Self and in connection with guidance. If you are sensitive to the energies of the world and prone to taking on and struggling with energies, Tanzanite helps transmute the slower, more dense energy into higher ones. If you are prone to depression or just feel down after interacting with others Tanzanite helps here  by lightening the energies streaming into your field.

tanzanite crystal

If you are keen to take your Divine visions and make them manifest or real – Tanzanite is your stone. It aligns your energy with light beings that can help you with your desires, gets your being and will working in alignment so that things can flow into this reality. Tanzanite is all about using your Divine connection to create in this world.

Its a powerful third eye cleanser. Some folks are sensitive to its energy finding it almost prickly in their head as it makes connections and almost rewires your synapses. If you need perspective or a fresh perspective choose Tanzanite and get help from on high!



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  1. Michelle Reply

    Hi Bec, Would like to know your thoughts on this; I havent got a piece of tanzanite and have been attracted to it lately as i saw a ring in Sydney city in a posh jewellers. It was 45 carat and they wanted $65,000. Why does it have to be so expensive! I bought a aaa grade lapis pendant from you years back and now wondering arent the two similar in their properties. They both enhance visions and intuition and are good for depression and the immune system. Lapis is a hell of a lot cheaper. What do you think?
    Kind Regards

    1. Bec Author Reply

      Hi Michelle,
      45 carats… thats a pretty big stone.
      It is expensive, but while it only comes from one place its not going to change any time soon.
      While they both work the third eye giving them similar properties
      Lapis connects head with heart and has the bonus of calcite which strengthens your energy field and pyrite which clears the mind and grounds your visions / insights. Lapis is far more a practical crystal for me. Its actionable.
      Whereas Tanzanite is more specifically attuned to working with higher frequencies and manifesting by keeping that energy present or focused.

      So yes, depending on what you are using Lapis for, its a far cheaper version of Tanzanite in its top grade, while you can get lower grade Tanzanite much cheaper than $65k!! Like in tumbled or crystal form. Even a beaded necklace means you get the Tanzanite experience.

      Hope this helps lovely 🙂

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