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Learn About Crystals And Healing

Metaphysical Properties, Crystal Meanings And Stones Healing Powers

Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day 14th February

Express yourself with crystals; a gift that lasts a lifetime!

Happy Valentines Day


While traditions of old are often carried through the ages, and appear like Chinese whispers to be nothing like they started, St Valentines day is a great example. What is now globally accepted as a day when people appreciate those that they love, Valentines day is not only about unrequited loves expressing their love, but also embraced by friends, those in new relationships and long time lovers alike.

I embrace Valentines day as a day of appreciating. Appreciating the people in your life who you love and bring you joy is a beautiful thing whose true gift lies in your appreciation. It is good to have a global day where everyone can unite for 24hrs in the name of love.

Crystals hold within them the frequency of love in its purest form. While many stones work on different aspects of our being, they all began as Divine love slowing its freqeuncy down to create to create this world in which we all get to share together. Therefore stones of love and devotion are as varied in form and colour as the rich traditions behind them. So no matter your choice of crystal, they are all ultimately connected to the frequency of love – there are no wrong choices.

Crystals last a life time and there are many whose frequency radiates the pure energy of love and help us find the means to experience and express it! The crystals I have listed here can help you at wherever you are to be open to and embrace more love in your life. So whether you are seeking love, getting over lost love, in love, even spicing up love, there are crystals to help. ‘All you need is love’.

Rose Quartz The quintessential stone of Unconditional Love! Rose quartz opens up our heart chakras to assist with all forms of love: self love, family love, platonic love, and yes … romantic love! Its lovely pink colouring has become the symbol of love throughout the world.

Aventurine A stone to assist in all aspects of healing the heart, including emotional pain and a broken heart. It releases stress, anxiety and fear. Green ties directly with the heart chakra, but aventurine also comes in reds and oranges!

Ocean Jasper A beautiful and engaging stone for selflessness and bringing about love for all mankind! It soothes the emotions and encourages self-love and love for others.

Praisolite AKA Green Amethyst combines natural Amethyst’s spiritual energies with the heart chakra, lending tranquility, intuitive vision and grace to all matters of the heart and relationships.

Tourmaline Although different colours of tourmaline (and there are many – often mixed!) have specific properties, all tourmalines share the ability to draw loving energy and joy into our lives. Watermelon tourmaline (green and pink) is especially focused in this regard, and Rubellite (pink) is great for self-love and compassion.

Rhodochrosite With lovely lacy pink patterning, this stone is a long standing favourite ‘love’ stone. Rhodochrosite clears out the heart chakra, assisting us in loving ourselves and releasing past hurts. It helps us stop blaming ourselves for past mistakes and grants calm and acceptance.

Radiant Heart Golden Lemurian These rare and beautiful golden lemurians that are all about love! They connect us to the deepest levels of love in all respects, and tie us into the Universal Heart. There’s nothing quite like them!

Garnet Garnet is the stone of commitment … to purpose, to others and to one’s self. The loving powers of garnet reflect the devotion, bringing the love of others to expressions of warmth and understanding.

Harlequin Quartz If there was a stone specifically for fun and joy, this would be it! Speckled with internal ‘confetti’ and brimming with light-hearted energy, harlequin quartz stimulates the qualities of the heart and loving kindness. 

Bloodstone Beautifully patterned green and red bloodstone is a strong and steady companion, strengthening the will to do good. It revitalises love, relationships and friendships!

Chrysocolla This lovely green and blue patterned stone is famous for easing emotional heartache. It gently strengthens one’s capacity for love, bringing renewed inner strength  and balance.

Emerald The traditional stone for immortality and rejuvination! It assists us in giving and receiving love – and protects against temptation and seduction.

Jade Traditionally, jade can only be received as a gift – and a perfect gift it is! Jade bestows love, joy and abundance, appreciation and openness, clarity, modesty, courage, prosperity and serenity. It is the stone of peace, releasing negative thoughts and freeing the truth in any situation.

Rainbow Obsidian This colourful stone is considered the ‘stone of pleasure’! It protects from emotional harm and disperses unloving thoughts. While helping to recognise one’s spiritual nature, it also brings gratification and enjoyment to life.

Uvarovite Green garnet transforms intellectual energy into the energy of love, allowing us to become pure love in a sense. It blesses us with joy, peace and solitude, as well as enhancing relationships through soul connection.

Ruby Another beautiful stone with a long history of association with love, ruby brings and increases romantic love! It inspires integrity, devotion and happiness, as well as bringing freedom and peace to those who fear intimacy or who have repressed emotions. Ruby is also a stone of protection.

Kunzite Pink kunzite connects us more fully with our hearts and the higher frequencies of love. It opens us to love on all levels, and inspires confidence, emotional release, healing, and helps us to better understand others.

Peridot With its joyous green colouring, this crystal is associated with the heart chakra. It is a powerful auric cleanser that brings us harmony, compassion and prosperity, and balances out relationships by dispelling anger, anxiety and jealousy. Works well for fidelity too.

Rhodonite A stone for unconditional love that works to increase grace and elegance, and service to mankind. It assists in decreasing anxiety and enhances grounded, passionate love!

Topaz An ancient stone of True Love and success in all endeavours! It replaces negativity with joyfulness and inspires confidence.

Tugtupite For ages, the Inuit of Greenland have understood the power of tugtupite. Legend has it that lovers can cause the stone to glow fiery red just from the heat of their romance. The brilliance and vibrant colours announce the intensity of their love. Tugtupite is a powerful heart activator, opening the heart completely allowing every emotion that has blocked it to be brought up for release. Bliss follows and love flows.

Smoky Quartz Not only a good crystal for grounding, but assists in releasing grief, despair, depression and negativity of all kinds, clearing out dark areas of our inner being – and filling them with light and love! Also a good balancer of sexual energies!

Chrysoprase The rarest form of chalcedony, this glowing apple green stone activates and opens the heart chakra, bringing emotional healing, balance, light heartedness and joy!

Lapis Lazuli Rich blue lapis lazuli brings us spiritual love! It increases creative expression, virility, self-confidence and openness.

Malachite The whirling green patterns of malachite make it a stone of transformation and evolution. It balances and clears the heart chakra, helping balance pure love, romance, and well-being. Malachite counteracts self-destructive romantic tendencies, and encourages true, pure love. It is also a great stone for prosperity and abundance!

Eudialyte Ruby red eudialyte allows our hearts deepest desires to manifest in the world! An open heart brings magic into play

Whether polished and strung, set in sterling silver, or left as nature created them, these stones, and more, are all high quality, hand picked and set to impress this Valentine’s Day! Each is unique and one-of-a-kind, ensuring your gift will be appreciated for its originality and charm, whether it is one of our hand crafted jewellery pieces or a natural crystal, straight out of the Earth.

Express shipping is available and we’re always availble to answer any questions you may have.


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