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Zodiac Crystals For Ophiuchus Star Sign

Ophiuchus – The 13th Star Sign – November 30 – Dec 17 – The Serpent Bearer

The often overlooked thirteenth Sun sign, Ophiuchus (off-ee-yoo-kuhs) has been known since ancient times – as Chiccan to the Mayans, Serpentarius to the Greeks, Asclepius to the Romans, Adam to the ancient Hebrews, Imhotep to the ancient Egyptians, and various other names to cultures across the world.

As the thirteenth sign, Ophiuchus has no opposite or polarity within the Zodiac, and has come to be associated with the Awakening and Ascension of the human race at the end of 2012. The number thirteen represents change, and the energy to try something new, and the Mayans believed that at the end of time, man would awaken the serpent god Kukulcan (also known as Quetzalcoatl to the Aztecs) to save the world from cataclysmic destruction and carry the nine races of man forward. It is also the only constellation of human form which aligns directly with the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Aside from the current buzz over Winter Solstice 2012, Ophiuchus remains the representation of our highest potential as Spiritual and Physical beings in this age. As with every sign, it has duality – the qualities we strive to achieve, and our roadblocks to reaching these ideals. Ophiuchus is a sign we all have the potential to move into, and we now live in a time when many people all over the world have achieved, and are achieving, awakening, enlightenment, and all forms of higher spiritual learning.

Ophiuchans often have powerful wills, and are amongst the most charismatic of all the Sun signs. They can often be dramatic, are highly intelligent and well informed, but sometimes tend to become a bit fanatical or obsessed about one subject or another.

They are also regarded as having the highest sex appeal of all the signs! Death and sex seem to fascinate them, though their focus is usually integrating the healthiest expressions of these elements in their daily lives and into society as a whole.

Ophiuchans’ emotional power is remarkable, and unchecked can be like a tidal wave swamping those around them. They are often found prancing around one stage or another attracting attention indirectly regardless of their intentions. Leadership comes naturally to them, even if they don’t ask for it, simply due to an ability to grab and hold the attention of others.

They are usually quite strong physically and mentally, or at least have unusually high resistance and stamina to things around them, and are capable of living under very stressful conditions. On the other hand, failure to nurture themselves adequately is a common weakness they fall into.

An Ophiuchus can also have such strong emotional reactions that they sometimes explode with anger, causing great upheavals in their relationships. When these powerful emotional energies are harnessed, they can be quite constructive and creative, pouring out products or performances without any apparent need of rest!

Ophiuchus’ Power Stones

Black Tourmaline grounds the highly charged frequencies that fill the mind of Ophiuchans’. It helps them to cultivate inner wisdom, providing stability and instilling patience. Black tourmaline transforms negativity that may come their way, protecting them from lower frequencies.

Moldavite assists in opening up and expanding your consciousness to encompass your stellar connections and multi dimensional selves. Moldavite has an extremely high vibration that opens, clears and aligns our chakras.

Brookite helps you break free from intolerable situations. And then move you toward creative and imaginative situations.

Tanzanite powerfully opens you for clairaudience, visions, spiritual connection and all aspects of communication and psychic power. Tanzanite is known to both dispel and transmute negativity. It provides safety and protection during all activities. It brings the ‘will’ to the aid of manifestation. It also elucidates the universal mysteries.

Fluorite promotes healing on all levels of a being, and reduces problems with self-love. It strengthens your DNA and releases chaotic thoughts, bringing clarity and focus.

Lapis Lazuli brings peace as it enhances psychic abilities and communication with the Higher Self and Guides. It helps creative expression to flow. Opens the Chakras and can be used as a gateway into other dimensions, increasing awareness and spiritual evolution. Lapis is also a stone that protects from physical and psychic attacks.

Apatite is potent energy and great stone to use in conjunction with other stones as it encourages and helps achieve your desired outcome. Use to balance all the bodies and remove blocks from your chakras. Use to deepen mediations, enhance insight, and develop psychic awareness, increase creativity and self-confidence. It increases self awareness. Carry Apatite to clear mental confusion, create peace, inner calm and to dissolve aloofness and negativity.

Emerald balances emotional turmoil, and the confusion of time and space, it centres and brings us into the Now. It brings contemplation of the spirit, the desire to serve, brotherly love and enhances Truth.  It intensifies the Chakra energies and opens you up to your own Divinity and deeper spiritual insight. Prosperity, tranquillity, compassion and balance come through emerald.

Gaspeite is best known for assisting you to bring spirituality into every day life.

Vivianite is a stone of peace, love, compassion, caring and spiritual illumination. Vivianite is a powerful healer, reminding the body how to heal itself.  It stimulates the body’s own healing process for both illness and injury.

Aquamarine provides a shielding property for the aura. It helps to attune to more spiritual levels of awareness; it provides emotional and intellectual stability and enhances the connection with the higher self.

Bloodstone aligns all levels with the physical and helps the soul to strive upwards, towards the Light of Divine Spirit. It strengthens the will to do ‘good’. It helps to accept the re-alignment of energies. It helps you to be present, in the moment.

Kyanite brings tranquillity and calming effect to your whole being.

Herkimer Diamonds energise, enlivens and promotes creativity. It brings clarity and inner wisdom as it initiates deep inner transformation of the self.

Iolite guides you to higher awareness and awakening you to the inner knowledge that so patiently waits within each of us. Iolite helps you stay in the moment and bring harmony to the self within. Iolite also helps eliminate and release disharmony in relationships. Iolite brings visions and prophecy.

Amethyst calms and soothes the emotions, as well as prepares the soul for intense transformational journeys. It helps as you grow towards your highest potential, through constant spiritual cleansing that allows your expansion. Amethyst provides a protective energy field around its wearer, and assists in transmuting negative energies within you and gives protection from external negative energies. It also brings peace and calmness. 

Danburite stimulates spiritual awareness, eases stress and bring calm in difficult situations and connects the heart with the mind.

Scolecite is excellent for bringing feeling of inner peace. Scolecite gently clears the chakras and mind allowing for connections with your higher self.

Golden ‘Radiant Heart’ Lemurians are one of the crystals intended to awaken and enlighten us all. They connect us to the universal heart and entire crystal grid.

Selenite balances our relationship with the universe, assists you in connecting with people and all of life. It is a powerful disperser and stabiliser of erratic emotions. It cleans your auric field bringing you back to centre.

Brazilianite can be used to increase creativity and aid in manifestation. It works to amplify your focused will giving the power to move towards that which you seek to manifest.

Amegreen integrates the hearts wisdom with the minds creativity. Amegreen brings love, peace, consciousness and compassion into your life. It helps you to rise above ego based responses, realising the illusory life we live and allows you to rest peacefully.

Rose quartz is a stone of unconditional love that brings gentleness, forgiveness, and tolerance. It assists you in loving yourself, having compassion, with forgiveness and acceptance. It brings self-confidence, self worth and creativity into your life. Rose quartz is soothing, calming and reduces stress and tension.

Tugtupite is a wonderful stone for compassion, for both us and others, facilitating understanding and also enhances self expression.

Zebra Stone brings compassion and understanding.

Aragonite gives the ability to live everyday life with an open heart and mind. An earthly grounding stone, Aragonite shows you how to effectively give-and-take, by making you think before you act, and it teaches moderation in all things.

Rhodonite strengthens your ability to be heart centred. It calms, centres and energises especially when under stress, whether it be from the environment, emotional or mental.

Smokey quartz assists with grief, despair, depression and other forms of fermenting negativity. It balances sexual energies. Smoky quartz brings spiritual and the integration of past lives and future into the Now. For channelling and increased awareness, grounding and centring, it releases blocks and negativity on all levels.

Tigers eye is great to relieve scattered energies, if you are feeling drained or uncertain. Great for balancing on all levels and encourages us to open up to new experiences. It is a stone of protection that is also very grounding.

Sugilite makes it easier to be present to the here and now. Sugilite protects against, absorbs and dissipates anger, hurt and other unwanted negative energies. It is a nurturing stone that balances the emotions. It has a great ability to enhance healing. It can help manifest one’s natural gifts and protect against harsh realities. It lowers hostility, anger, jealousy and prejudice and gives a sense of freedom. It is excellent for all kinds of psychic protection.

The other synergy 12 stones such as Phenacite, Natrolite, Tibetan Tektite, Azeztulite, Satyaloka Quartz can also benefit Ophiuchans’.

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  1. Karen Carpenter Reply

    What are the gemstones for Aquarius 16 February to 11 March and Virgo 16 September to 30 October? We have also heard that every sign has a black stone specific to the sign. What are the black stones for these two signs?

    1. Bec Author Reply

      Hi Karen

      Thanks for your question.
      Your dates cross over multiple zodiac signs and there are many stones that can assist with each of them.
      In brief, Garnet, Amethyst and Aquamarine and then Sapphire, Opal or Tourmaline as well as Topaz and Citrine. You can read about birthstones here

      For a more in depth selection you can check out the following:
      Gemstones for Aquarius for Pisces for Virgo can be found here and if the video isnt playing on youtube for Libra can be found here and if the video isnt playing on youtube for Scorpio

      You’ll find black stones for each in there 🙂

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